Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pinterest Finds: Make a Statement with Pattern Decor

There are few things that I adore more than a beautiful pattern...


On google you can search wall paper/printed fabrics by brand, colors, and location, but you can't really search pattern by style.  A lot of designers would agree with me when I say Pinterest has turned this issue upside down!  With the use of tags, popularity of high-quality photos, and a growing number of modern businesses using Pinterest to share their products, you can always count on the site to find the best of the best. Before Pinterest, you could almost never find exact patterns you're looking for, and the trendy ones were muddled between irrelevant search results or outdated styles.  Now that the pattern world, among other things, has become more accessible, take advantage and cover your world with pattern!

Pattern Can Be Incorporated Anywhere

I love wall paper on the ceiling, it's unexpected and cool.  It doesn't necessarily have to be this bold - even a traditional paisley pattern on a ceiling brings a whimsical quality to any room. Just make sure the color is something you could live with for a long time and style the rest of the room around it. http://www.mylifestylebyrebeca.com/2012/06/escapada-marrakech-peacock-pavillions.html

Bold Patterned Bedding

The rule here was to keep everything simple against this high contrast dream-catcher pattern. They left the walls and curtains white so the eye is drawn from the pattern, to the bright pillows, to the outstanding mirror wall, to the mid-century modern, oversized chandelier.  The result is just gorgeous. http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/high-impact-dec-140771

Metallic Wallpaper

Don't let it scare you.  Metallics are a neutral, and clearly look amazing with the right styling.  It goes especially with the mid-century look, but the matte areas make it very 2012.  It's also a good idea to keep it in a traditional, simple repeat pattern like this. #Drool-worthy. http://cribcandy.com/walls/b122f2e77e2b04afdb004714301c2af7&pageoffset=264

Traditional Pattern, in Non-traditional Colors

If this pillow were done in a medley of olive greens or browns, it completely changes the vibe of the room.  I like this kind of pattern in girls' rooms, in female dominated apartments, etc. For young kids, I like the idea of doing these kinds of patterns versus Bratz Doll varieties or confining yourself to all pastels.  It's one of those themes that can grow with them, and the pink/red is a very on-trend color combination right now. 

Non-traditional Pattern in Muted Tones

How chic is this?? The wall paper has been used by many famous designers, such as Emily Henderson, and it totally maintains the balance needed to add life to a room without making the room look crazy. Simply Perfect.

Mixing Different Pattern Types

This should definitely go under the advanced category, because it takes a lot of guts to mix 3 bold patterns- not to mention coordinating them to begin with. This example works because they're on a neutral chair, the center pillow has two of the same colors as the water color pattern, and the blue pillow's pattern is geometric and small enough to contrast the others. Also, the fact that the pillows are the same size, makes the trio of patterns look very deliberate.  Combinations like this just take a guess and check, and a good eye. Again, super girly, but wonderful!

Bold Pattern AND Bold Color

If you're half as obsessed with color and pattern as we are, then you probably love this look. The trend of wall-papering entry ways is one of our favorites. It adds a lot of life to a small space. Even though both the artwork and the wall paper are loud in nature, this works because the wall paper is in a neutral color palette, and the colors and the brush strokes in the painting contrast enough against it. Also, the chair, the cabinet, the rug, the floor, and the moldings are all done in neutrals, and the pink from the painting is repeated in the fresh flowers. The space is in perfect balance the way it is, and for example, if they were to add a throw pillow to the chair, it would HAVE to be white, or if they were to change out the flowers, they would HAVE to be a warm color, matched in the painting. It takes a lot of thought and risks,  but the result is fantastic.

Hope you enjoyed this healthy dose of pattern! All of these images were found on Pinterest, and the links below all of them go to their source.  I really enjoyed breaking all of these design elements down today, please comment and let us know what you think!

Don't know how to use Pinterest yet?  We have a post for that! Click Here!

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