Sunday, July 8, 2012

Late Free Printable Friday: Birthday Card

We didn't forget! 

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Kate Spade NY-Leading the Creative Marketing Pack

I consider myself a huge Kate Spade fan.  My first knock off purse I bought in New York at 11 was a teeny denim "Kate Spade" shoulder bag with a coordinating multicolor striped wallet. The past year I've lusted for their sunglasses, "sparkler" clutches, bowler-style bags, their sea foam patent leather wallet, rain drop print laptop case, and every single purse they make with chain-detail straps. I seriously love it, but I can only pretend to own such items on my Pinterest boards at my current income level :)  Still, what I adore almost as much as the products themselves is their graphic design and marketing strategies.  I firmly believe this company is on the top of the technology wave through their use of social media, graphic design, and advertising strategies.  A lot of brands should really take note. 

Interactive Advertising Strategies

I'm no advertising major, but it's easy to see that Kate Spade harnesses current technology and uses it to creatively promote their products instead of alternatively cowering away from it and relying on the weight of their name alone like some of their counterparts.