Monday, June 18, 2012

Pinterest Finds: Bold Necklaces

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The classic bib necklace 

The necklace in a neutral or metallic shade is most reminiscent of mid century style.  It flatters most necklines, it can fill in negative space created by a v-neck or scoop blouse. It can be worn under the an open-collared top, or over a boat neck dress. The ribbon detail makes it seem extra delicate and adorable.

The bright chunky bead necklace. 

Also reminiscent of mid century costume jewelry with the bold pop of color. The bright coral color and geometric beads are also very in right now. The necklace is perfect to throw on top of a plain gray shift dress and will keep the entire outfit from fading into the background.

Island-inspired luxury

The shape and color go with almost anything you could want to wear, but why not go really theme-y and pair it with a beach print and a starfish ring?

Plated bib necklace 

Every time I see one of these I think of Cleopatra.  It looks great with strapless cocktail dresses and 

The true statement necklace

Wear this and you will not even be able to walk into a room without people complimenting it.  But for the price, it should be a given. You could spend 15 dollars on the rest of the outfit and still look great. However, it's really memorable in the same way, so if you're like me, until you have a million dollar necklace collection, you can achieve the same look by layering necklaces you already have or adding inexpensive ones from Forever 21.  It just gets tricky to adjust all the chain links, so give this time to play with.  Also, comment here if you know of any place selling chain extenders online.

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